For Designers

If you’re a designer, here's why you should consider selecting our products:

Affordable Pricing
Whether you’re looking for high end natural stone tiles or simple ceramic tiles, we have the right product for your budget.  Your clients will find value in our products without any sacrifice in quality or design.

Free Samples
For designers that maintain regular business with us, we provide free samples of our products.  We can courier them out or you can come in and select them at our stores.  You can request for full size samples or small cut pieces.  We can even cut our samples to specific size requirements you may need for display boards.

Real-time Inventory
Keeping your project on schedule means you’ll need to ensure your tiles selected will be ready for pickup and installation.  Our inventory is displayed on our website to make it easier to check stock.  We list our inventory with the location, quantity and dye lot information.  Of course you can also call or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

We can also keep products on hold for you while your clients are making their final decisions.

No Account Required
We sell to the public so your clients can deal directly with us during the selection process, and for payment and delivery.